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My Favorite Small Brands on Instagram Right Now

By 29 September 2021Branding, Social media

I come across many different brands on Instagram every day. Some brands are doing it well, others a bit less. Today I share 5 small brands that I have discovered, that stood out to me. The photos that these brands have put on their Instagram, were a first step in convincing me to visit their website and learn a bit more about that brand. Instagram can be a great tool for small businesses to showcase their products and services to a small, dedicated audience, without making it look like an obvious ad.


33 Acres Brewing Company – a craft beer brewery located out of Vancouver.

Instagram strategy: The 33 Acres brand really stands out on Instagram. Their brand identity can be seen in every single picture that they share. The look and feel are consistent and make the brand memorable. Their feed portrays a certain mood; simple and cozy.


Huge – a digital agency from New York. They post about digital marketing, design, and strategy. 

Instagram strategy: Huge is a brand that shows high-quality visual content and gives graphic design inspiration. What they particularly do well is showing that there are real people behind the brand.


Onnit – a US-based supplement company.

Instagram strategy: While Onnit sells supplements, they give value to their audience through informative posts and videos – e.g. showing how to do certain exercises. The strongly contrasting black and white colors of the brand come back in every post, which makes them consistent.


Osprey Packs – a backpack production company from California, USA.

Instagram strategy: The feed from Osprey gives a feeling of adventure and wanderlust, through photos of customers in nature using their packs. 


WeWork – a company that rents shared workspaces for startups and small businesses.

Instagram strategy: The Instagram feed of WeWork features creative interiors from their various offices and some motivational quotes. The whole portrays the mood of what it would be to work in their offices.

Tip: Every business needs to stand out on the social platform that they are using. You should develop a unique visual style that is instantly recognizable every time a user sees a post in their newsfeed. Just by seeing a photo, it should trigger a brand.

When it comes to photos, brainstorm on how you want to be perceived and choose photos that fit into that style. When editing your photos, try to stick to one or two filters, so your photos look consistent and from the same brand origin.

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