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Eye-catching photos that are great for:

  • Website
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Social media
  • Annual report
  • Press material
  • Events

Your website is usually the first introduction of a potential customer to your company. That makes a great appearance super important. After all, your visitors will first view your site – and only then read it. A “face book” is also becoming increasingly important, and is increasingly used on websites. Profile photos of you and your employees with a biography makes your appearance more reliable.

But what suits you and your company? And what appeals to your customers? The brochure, as an extension of your website, is an excellent means of communication to demonstrate this. The layout of the brochure and photography together form a whole and can greatly reinforce each other if everything falls into place.

No annual report without photos, whether you have the report printed or put it online. Frankreate illuminates and clarifies your report with photos. So that people can also see how your company is doing. Naturally, this also applies to publications both online and in a magazine, magazine or trade journal. Without a photo, your article is less read and viewed.

You can also contact Frankreate for events. Frankreate provides the perfect mood images.

In addition to company photography, Frankreate can also arrange everything that comes with it – models, make-up artists, and locations for the photoshoot. Everything arranged under one roof. Easy, fast, professional and affordable.

Frankreate is happy to discuss with you what you want to convey with company photography. For more information and a price indication, please feel free to contact us.

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