“Are you a small business owner wondering how you make your brand so memorable, that you will get new clients on auto-pilot?”


Then read on.

Is finding new clients driving you mad?
Taking up too much of your time?
While you have a million other things that you need to attend to?
While you don’t feel particularly good at creating content that stands out?
A process you might not even enjoy.

The Raise Your Brand Workshop

In an 1 on 1 workshop for entrepreneurs who want to build a brand that stands out, that is consistent and attracts customers.

In the workshop, I will share the exact steps you need to take to create a memorable brand that will actually grow your business. Learn, apply, and see how your sales go through the roof!

Raise Your Brands is not a theory. It is a personal blueprint. It is based on what really works. Fully filled with useful tips, suitable for direct action!

In a 4-hour workshop, you will get the insights you need to really distinguish your company from the competition.

The program consists of 3 parts. Combined, it takes your business to a whole new level.

1. Brand audit
First things first. We will research the history of your company, learn who you want to be as a company, analyze the brand moments you use now, how to find your ideal customer, and learn how to exceed customer’s expectations. This will be the foundation of your brand.

2. X marks the spot
Together we will explore insights and find ways to really make a difference and create a memorable brand.

3. The 90-day Raise Your Brand game plan
Together we will make a plan to implement all the actions needed to improve your brands. For example, this could be new texts for your website, better use of photos, or sometimes you even need a full rebrand. It can also be things to stop doing.

Raise Your Brand - Workshop

The Raise Your Brand workshop at the Growth and Flourish foundation.


“We had a picture of where we stood as a brand, but we lacked focus. We noticed in our marketing that it often went in all directions. It doesn’t feel good when you keep changing communication and so we looked for focus.

Frank helped us with his experience, energy and sharp questions. It turned out during the workshop that it is perhaps the most important thing to choose what you DO NOT want (or cannot be) as a brand. These choices were sometimes difficult, but you leave such a workshop 10 kilos lighter and very motivated. Ultimately, the workshop turned out to be the perfect start for a two-week design sprint in which we gave our entire brand a facelift. We couldn’t have done this without the focus Frank has given us.

In addition to focus, as described above, Frank also gave us many new ideas. Sometimes you think you have come up with all the concepts, but Frank gave us new inspiration and perspectives.

I would certainly recommend the workshop to others. ”

Stefan – Foundation Coordinator
Grow and Flourish Foundation