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Being memorable and distinctive!

Frank Suyker is Frankreate.

Is your brand like a summit? Is it memorable and distinctive?

My main goal is to help you take your business to the next level. My philosophy is that if you want to have a great company, you have to build something that is memorable and distinctive.

Hi, I’m Frank Suyker, the owner of Frankreate – a creative agency in the Netherlands. I work with companies, like yours, all over the world.

And I’ve been doing that for a while. After obtaining my Master’s in Film and TV Sciences in 2005, I gained experience as a cameraman, art director, and video editor. In 2009 this grew into an unavoidable passion: helping other people and companies excel. Frankreate was born.

Frankreate = Design with a mission

Putting passionate entrepreneurs on the map, giving them a face and making them shine with stunning creative concepts.

Imagining with a vision

Everything revolves around your success. Frankreate is therefore genuinely involved, works professionally and goes the extra mile for you.

This is how Frankreate works for you

Frankreate believes in your ambitions. You are central to our story.

An enlightening view, new insights, and visual thinking. Limited budget? Deadline coming up? Frankreate pulls out all the creative stops. Customization. Craftsmanship.

Just something different. Frankreate thinks and works distinctively so that your company can distinguish itself even better.

Creativity never stops. That is why Frankreate is also available outside office hours.

More than beautiful
A Frankreatie is beautiful, but it has to be more than that. Literally and figuratively an added value for your company.

frankreate business photography

On this website you will of course find the projects I have done for my clients, but I also write about branding, communication and creativity. And occasionally things that don’t fit into those categories (I have a plethora of hobbies, like street photography).

I also write about the resources (sites, books, videos, you name it) that I discover.

My goal is to create insightful, relevant content that you can take immediate action on or be inspired by. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to build a better brand, you’ve come to the right place!

My top posts

If you’re new to my site, you might want to start with my top five most popular posts:

You can also check out my archive for an overview of every post I’ve made.

'We were looking for a new website and logo for our company. After a briefing, Frank got to work. He quickly understood where we wanted to go. Within a short time he had the logo and website ready. In addition, he is also available for questions about the website and therefore nothing to complain about service. We have received many positive reactions and are very satisfied.'

K. Buizer, business owner

'Stumbled upon Frankreate quite by accident and never regretted it. Frank is the driving force and that is going very well'

E. Blanken, Estate Agent

Very satisfied with the result that Frankreate has delivered so far. There is time to come by and discuss everything, and that is nice to be able to explain everything well. Frank can incorporate how you envision it in a site and logo .

David, business owner