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Start with a strong company name? The perfect impression? It is possible!

You are of course eager to start your business. There is only 1 challenge: choosing the perfect company name. You are looking for a name that sticks, is clear, that stimulates the imagination, but also radiates professionalism. Do you need help? Frankreate is happy to help you.

Frankreate offers a workshop in which we come up with your company name. And you get a domain name as a gift (.com or maybe even an exotic extension).

This is a 1:1, interactive workshop. A session of 1.5 to 2 hours, with follow-up.

Workshop content

Coming up with a company name is not easy. It is a process that you go through and that starts with some homework! This is a brainstorm in which absolutely everything is allowed. Nothing is too crazy. Filtering will come later.

1. Homework

Try to get at least 15 – 20 names on paper. Consult with your partner, friends, family, etc.

2. Interactive Workshop

In the workshop, we will start with the homework as the first input. We will brainstorm together, filter and eventually you will have 1 or more names. You have to let it sit with you for a while, then you can show it to others. And then you come back to Frankreate with your choice.

Check, check, double-check.

Once you have chosen a good name, there are still a number of checks that must be carried out.

Does the language fit? An English company name can go wrong with foreign customers. By the way, humor rarely works.

Frankreate checks whether the chosen company name is available as a domain name. And not only the local domain, but also international. Very handy if you have international ambitions.

And we check with the Chamber of Commerce whether the name does not already exist. Your name must, of course, be unique.


The workshop is €249. This is the price for the company name of a sole proprietorship. With this, you will soon have a name with which you can move forward for years.

Do you want to start a larger company (SME)? Then it is €499.

Would you like to have Frankreate design your logo right away? That is also possible! After coming up with the perfect company name, Frankreate will start working on your logo design. Contact us for the special price we charge for this.

Services: naming, name creation, name architecture, branding, brand identity.


Some tips to get you started:

1. Generic names are the enemy
Example: Jessica’s flower shop. People quickly forget this name.

2. Names inspire people or not.
You cannot address everyone. Think about who your target audience is. They need to like your name.

3. Creativity is not the goal. Immersive and captivating.

4. Fresh. It feels new to you. It packs the old into the new. And everyone loves new.

5. Appealing.
Your customers want to buy your service right after hearing the name.

6. You must be able to grow in the name. Do not limit yourself too much.
Example: Other Silver. What if you want to start selling gold after 1 year?