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Fascinating! AI & machine learning have the ability to change the way we build brands

AI genereerd blog plaatje

We are on the eve of change.

And I can think of a few ways that AI will change branding.


Let’s look at an example.

I used the currently popular image-generating software Midjourney to create the image to go along with this post.

Based upon just a few words, which are linked to this post and my brand values, it was able to generate this image.

Think of what it can do with your brand core, color palette, and visual style. You will get more unique brand designs, especially compared to using stock footage. With colors matching the favorite colors of your customers – because machines learned those preferences as well.

AI will remove creative limitations for entrepreneurs.

Who says that you still need a designer?

And think about how AI can improve your brand experience – those moments of happiness and delight.
For example – you can use AI to create personalized messages for your company’s customers, based on their past interactions with your company or its competitors.

And what about communicating with your customers in their own language or dialect?

Powerful AI tools will help you with time-consuming tasks like generating content for your brand, which allows you to focus on other aspects of running the company.
What do you think AI can do for your brand?

FYI – the draft of this post was written by RYTR – an AI writing tool. It just needed a human touch, to make it a little bit better 😉

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